Ali Banat: The millionaire spent all his fortune on charity

Unfortunately or fortunately, but we are given only one life. 

And some of us live it, swimming in money and not even thinking about what could help someone, thereby improving this world …

Before you, Ali Banat, a millionaire from Australia who has become accustomed to luxurious life and all of its pleasures, from expensive clothing brands to chic cars.

3 years ago, a young man was diagnosed with cancer. After that, he decided to distribute all his property. On May 29 he was no more.

After the verdict of the doctors, he gave all his money to the needy and founded a charitable foundation “Muslims around the world.”

The endless shopping has been replaced by the realization that it can not go on forever: “This is the last thing you think about when you discover that you are sick or that you have very little time left.”

Doctors said that Ali will live no longer than 7 months, but the guy managed to stretch this time up to 3 years!

During this time, he managed to visit different countries of Africa and actively helped the people there with everything they can

On his money were built schools, hospitals and much more.

One of the users of Twitter wrote about him: “I broke many other people and cancer, and Ali Banat, on the contrary, made it and turned it into a source of inspiration for everyone else.”

It is said that Ali himself called the disease “God’s gift” and was pleased with the internal changes that suddenly occurred in him.

In his charity project, people from all over the world continue to take part.

At the funeral of Ali came thousands of people, many of whom were unfamiliar with him, but heard a lot about him and his help.

In those days when the young man was forced to lie in the hospital, he actively published videos on the Web.

The last video he shot was supposed to be published after his death.

On the record Ali asks everyone to have some goal in this life, some kind of plan. He asks to follow him and reminds us that someday we will not, but what we leave after ourselves is a big question …




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