animal welfare society picked up a cat, and she was pregnant. And her reaction to this news is simply priceless

This story happened in Greenland. The local animal welfare society got a skinny kitty. It was a cold April, at such a time of year homeless animals especially need shelter. The fate of the suffering sufferer smiled and from the streets of the capital of Greenland, she fell into the warm walls of the orphanage. The cat was named Ulla, she was fond of everyone for her friendliness and love, it was evident how grateful she was for the warmth and safety.

Ulla cat got into orphanage in mid-April

The head of the animal protection organization Inunguak Christiansen said that Ulla immediately became friends with the rest of the animals: cats, dogs and even guinea pigs.

Ulla made friends with other animals. But it turned out that she kept a secret

Some time after the appearance in the shelter, Ulla began to gain weight rapidly. And in the abdomen there was a swelling.

Ulla quickly gained weight, and she was sent to the ultrasound. It seems she is not thrilled with the procedure

It is easy to guess the cause of excess weight – the cat was preparing to become a mother and very soon

Rescuers Ulla were, of course, surprised, but the reaction of the cat to the news of pregnancy was priceless

Just look at this surprised face! This photo was published on the Reddit website and immediately won the hearts of users, because not everyone reacts so emotionally to such news. But thanks to these pictures, the cat gained not only popularity, but also a new loving family. The new owners are going to save the kittens, now they have a “trial period”. And Ulla gets acquainted with his fellow cat Sophus and is preparing to become a mother.

Thanks to these amusing photos Ulla not only gained popularity, but also the house


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