Are the brothers fighting all day? Methods by which you can encourage positive changes

Conflicts between siblings are in many families at the order of the day. Parents make every effort to end the quarrels between children and can no longer concentrate on the fact that they need to help them understand very well.

Specialists recommend parents who face such situations to think about the relationship they want their children to have with each other now and also adults and try to help them have a positive relationship and to support each other.

Most parents want their children to have the opportunity to talk to each other, have fun together and rely on each other even in the most difficult moments of their lives. All the specialists say that such skills can be learned.

Here are some ways parents can encourage positive changes in their families.

Help the child to see things from the point of view of his brother or sister and respect other points of view even if he does not always agree with them;

Teach them to identify and control their emotions and behavior even when they go through frustrating situations;

Teach the little one not always to see the defects of his brother or others and always appreciate the good intentions;

Teach that conflict is a problem that can be solved and taught it, and how to put an end to a situation of this kind.

Try to take into account each child’s wishes without leaving the impression that you are favoring one of them.

Encourage them to use what they know about each other to create an even stronger relationship between them and not to use it to take advantage of the weaknesses of the other.

Encourage them to play, to talk, to share as many things as possible, to have fun.

Praise them when they help, when they support each other and cooperate with each other.

Parents should clearly set up their goals for their children and their relationship, and then act in the direction that could help their children achieve these goals.

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Most problems have solutions, and children should understand that a consensus can always be reached without strife or beating. Make sure the brothers truly understand what the fight means, how serious it is, and tell them to tell you their opinion about it. You also have to ask them to find the solution to the problems they have, to come up with solutions to win both of them. If solutions are not the best, help them improve, try something else.

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