Bizarre customs that can shock you abroad

For a quiet journey and no unpleasant surprises.

Every country in this world has its beauty and uniqueness. But it also has local customs and traditions that may seem bizarre for many of us. To avoid possible misgivings when visiting a foreign country and not to blame anyone by mistake, Brightside has put together some curiosities about Indians, Russians, Portuguese, Americans and others. Let’s see what it’s all about.


When you ride a bus and you want to get down, just pull the stop signal – a rope that has a bell at the other end of the driver’s cabin.

In India, there is a problem with finding public toilets. The weak chance is to give one of your need.


In most restaurants, a dash of 20% is added on the payroll.

Public transport is not the strength of the Americans. Renting a car is a better option if you want to visit more places.


The left hand is considered to be unclean, so you must use your right hand to take or give something in return.

Embracing and puping on cheeks are only publicly accepted between the same sex.

Also here, it is rude to gesture during a conversation.


Salting the salt dish shows that you do not like food.

Those in Portugal do not agree with the Spaniards.

The Portuguese are used to having dinner until 21:00. After this hour, most restaurants close.


The Russians are very superstitious. If the whistle in the house, for example, is a bad sign, a sign of damage.

If you go to visit someone at home do not eat before. In Russia, awaiting guests usually prepare delicious dishes.

Smile is not necessarily a sign of politeness in Russia.


Noisy eating is a sign that you enjoy the flavor of the preparation.

On the streets of Japan you will not see trash cans. There they go everywhere at home.


Brazilians can load their phone card in pharmacies.

They also tend to eat more seals as the main dish.


The Italians do not support the idea of ​​putting ketchup over pasta.

In Italy it is very strange to ask for a cappuccinno at noon. It is only consumed in the morning.

The Italians are not punctual. They think they have no reason to rush, so they are always late.

Dominican Republic

Those here are very religious people. So you will see all the inscriptions with and about Jesus.

Here too, for women, it is normal to walk on the streets with curls.


The head is considered here as a sacred part of the body. So, it is not customary for one person to touch the head of another.

They eat only a spoon with them. Fork is used only to put the food into the spoon, nothing more.

There are many Thai people who do not know how to cook. This is because not everyone has a kitchen in the house.

Source: Brightside

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