Brilliant solutions of lazy people in funny pictures

Believe it or not, there are studies according to which lazy people would have a higher IQ than active people. But laziness is also a sign of increased creativity because it makes people find unique and fun solutions to everyday problems. We have proof in the following picture.

An extremely comfortable option to stand in line

© augustinablanchrr / Reddit

So yes, like summer!

© Despacitojustin / Reddit

There is always a family member who does this

© Gulibis / Reddit

Eh, it’s too tiring to fit your seat

© Riah_Lynn / Reddit

Intention matters!

© Bubbye / Imgur

It is important that there is toilet paper in the bathroom. The rest are details …

© thisisitguyz / Reddit

Some call it lazy, others ingenuity

© GeoKureli / Reddit

Maybe it’s hot!

© 992 комментарията поделитьсяс / Reddit

That really seems like a brilliant idea, is not it?

© Unknown / Imgur

Really now! How lazy to be?

© 8bitdood / Imgur

Silence or lack of space?

© catpelican / Reddit

That’s a little too much!

© star4life / Reddit

What’s the point of getting it? It will evaporate at some point

© MudrakM / Reddit

That’s really good!

© Forlurn / Reddit

Yes right! The bark is much easier to eat

© awlilnatty / Twitter

When you have no more energy to finish what you started

© Mrtn92 / Reddit

Does it work also through the bag?

© fattymatty1818 / Reddit

Do not disturb!

© firdosi / Imgur

It seems that laziness is not something specific to people!

© Mullagain / Reddit


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