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The beginning of the school means for most children and parents and the beginning of the monster of the morning wake. Even the most patient parents get frustrated when the child refuses to wake up in time and begs for a few minutes of sleep.

Mums from around the world have been looking for solutions to this, and some of them have found the most ingenious ways to easily awaken children in the morning and share it with other parents who are still confronted with this situation. Instead of kicking the child, getting angry and getting the whole family sick of the first hour, here’s what you can do:

  1. Organizes the day’s contest. Whoever manages to be the first time in the morning wins a prize! The child will be motivated to wake up quickly, to wash and to dress without having to negotiate. The prize must not be an object in itself, it may even be a new activity or you will do it together after school. Or perhaps a surprise dessert for school tasting. Parenting creativity is important and now, fortunately, ideas are many.
  2. Ask the help of the dishonest friend. If you have a pet pet in the house, then rely on his help. Just open the room where the baby sleeps, because his friendly boyfriend will make him quickly get out of bed and help him refresh himself.
  3. Party from the first hour. Children love parties and especially music. Give the little one to the dance steps, to the rhythms of his favorite songs. The little one will be amused to see his parents put on the party from the first hour of the morning and most likely will join the fun too.
  4. A morning off of stories, both in-person and figuratively. Start the day with a story in which you are the main character. Use your child’s toys (magic wand, cloaks, musical instruments) or your accessories (hats, scarves, beads …) and build a tactful story that will stir up the child’s curiosity and make him fall out of bed easily.
  5. In order to wake up more easily during the week, let him sleep the weekend. If he wakes up later in the morning, he will not ruin his weekend, and the thought of the weekend mornings will motivate him when he needs to wake up to go to school.
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