Curiosities of the special world of flowers

Who does not love flowers? These plants, which we often find in beautiful colors and scatter a special smell,
Have many secrets. In the fascinating world of flowers there are also strangling, Ricardo, things you may not
Have imagined so far.

Discover some curiosities about flowers.

• Flowers have not always existed, they first appeared 140 million years ago.
• A few centuries ago, tulips were more valuable than gold.
• Broccoli is actually a flower.
• Certain plants, such as orchids, do not need soil to grow. They take their nutrients from the air.
• Some plants produce toxic substances that can kill other plants around. Sunflower is one such example.
• Carnivorous plants are flowering plants that eat bugs and small animals.
• Pemmican mimosa is a plant so sensitive that it gathers its leaves when it is touched.
• There are over 400,000 types of flowering plants in the world. Many other species will certainly be discovered.
• Tulips are part of the lilac family, which makes them relatives with onions, garlic and asparagus.
• The world’s largest flower is Puya Raimondii. It has a stem that reaches up to 10,000 meters and makes over 8,000 white flowers.
• In the 19th century, the names of the girls were inspired by the names of the flowers: Violeta, Crina, Margareta.
• Over 2000 types of plants are used in gastronomy, being edible.
• There are many recipes in which onions can be replaced with tulip bulbs.
• Saffron comes from crocuses.
• Bamboo makes flowers.

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