Dreams that cannot be ignored

For many years people have been trying to get closer to the solution of the dreams. As early as the end of the 19th
century, Karl Jung, a well-known psychotherapist, said that with the help of dreams a person can open the door
to His inner world and his consciousness.

In order to analyze your dreams, you need to carefully study what we are doing in our daily lives.

Can dreams reflect the images that we see in the waking period? What could this mean?

What does the dream want to warn us about, and how to understand it? Below we will talk about 10 dreams that
can not be ignored.

1. Flight

The dreams in which you fly often speak about the need to meet your ambitions. Where are you going? How do you get
there? Did you have any problems managing your life?

Flight in a dream, when we wake up, helps us recharge. Often a person feels a sense of freedom that inspires

2. Waterfalls

“Water” dreams are usually associated with the emotional state of the brain. Water is a symbol of purification
and freedom. If you dream of waterfalls, then this is a good sign. They symbolize new beginnings and a complete
purification from the old.

If you see waterfalls in a dream, then ask yourself: What size is the waterfall? Big or small? How do you feel
about the obstacles that are in your way? Is it a waterfall in a dark jungle or on a beautiful beach?

3. Teeth

Often we dream about teeth. However, not every “dream with teeth” means aging. If you are dreaming of tooth
extraction, this may mean that you need to get out of a certain situation, and rotten teeth, as a rule,
are associated with a sense of fear and anxiety.

The most common dreams are tooth loss. Often this means the emergence of stressful circumstances that may be
caused by a new workplace, a lack of understanding in close relationships, a lie that needs to be hidden,
or a fear of losing something.

If you see teeth in a dream, then ask yourself these questions: How do you feel about your teeth? Is it useful
and nutritious food that you eat?

4. Death

A person sees dreams of death much more often than he is ready to admit. Dreams of death are, as a rule, the end
of something. Death is a kind of completion of some of its particles.

It can be the death of anger or anxiety, the death of some situation. Also, it may be about the death of a
certain idea, which gives life to something new.

Dreams about the desire to die and about death itself can be a psychological aspect of work and carry with
you huge changes in the emotional level.

When you see death in a dream, ask yourself: Where were you when someone died? Was this person close to you?
Dreams of death can also be perceived as an instruction from a loved one who has left.

5. Pregnancy


If a woman sees herself pregnant in a dream, it means a serious growth and development in some kind of business.
Also, pregnancy can mean some hidden desires or future projects.
Ask yourself the following questions, if you had a dream: What are you trying to create? What changes do you face
in your real life? Do you have many opportunities?

“Pregnant dreams” are also fruitful ideas for the development of relationships and in work.

6. Houses

If you dream at home, it symbolizes different aspects of your personality. Depending on the type of house or
the type of rooms, the explanations may be different.

As a rule, at home in a dream is comfort and complete safety. For example, the attic room speaks of secret
memories, and the basement or ground floor is your intuition and subconscious.

If you dream at home, ask yourself: What kind of place do you have in the world? How do you take care of yourself?

Popular dreams and their meaning

7. Money

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When a person sees money in a dream, he wakes up with a feeling of gratitude. The money that comes in a dream is
our luck, and also how the person perceives from the outside.

Winning a lottery in a dream is a change in your way of life, and if you give someone money, it tells you about
your fear of losing something. In general, dreams about money are our emotional component in relation to
abundance and prosperity.

It’s no secret that financial stability or its loss is often a factor of stress in our lives.

If you see money in a dream, then ask yourself the question: What would you do if you won the lottery?
Are you in debt? You have a job? Financial issues rarely leave us in ordinary life, because money is a movement
of life.

8. Treason

Dreams about treason tell that your desires are constrained and are waiting for realization. Such dreams are
inextricably linked with fear, with problems in matters of self-esteem, and with unconscious acceptance of
problems in relationships.

If you dreamed of treason, then ask yourself: Are you afraid of losing a loved one? What is your attitude to your
body and its desires? Do you feel happy in a relationship?

9. Fire

The fire in a dream has several explanations depending on the situation. For example, if you see fire at a
distance, it indicates the desire for change and transformation.

Playing with fire is a warning sign about too risky activities. If you are trying to ignite or obtain fire,
then this can speak of your repressed anger.

When you see a fire in a dream, ask yourself: Are you trying to avoid risky situations? Can you restrain anger
by smoothing certain sharp angles?

10. Nudity

Dreams of human nudity – this is a fairly common phenomenon. They are associated with our fear of being exposed.
Another’s nakedness in a dream is the naked truth or the prediction of a new novel.

Nudity can also speak of a loss of respect. In some cases, nudity is the acceptance of its imperfections and
shortcomings, and speaks of the desire to please.

If you saw yourself naked in a dream, ask yourself the question: Are you afraid of yourself being real?

Dreams are just some episodes of a person’s life. They can be analyzed in millions of ways, so only the master
of dreams is able to understand the real cause of his emotional state.

“Dreams are a constant desire to express what we cannot learn and understand.” Carl Jung

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