Epic battle between rabbits and eagles for rabbits

If you are proudly holding your hard food on your way home, suddenly someone jumped on you, grabbed your sandwich and ran a runner, how would you feel? Will you be angry? Then an idea was prepared for the poor red fox. A brazen eagle recently stole its rabbit in the San Juan Islands in Washington State.

The bald eagle is a symbol of the United States, strong, elegant and terrible. However, it can be said that it is also known as a master thief and is happy to steal food from other people when opportunities arise. “The eagle really doesn’t like to waste a lot of energy getting their food, so they look for easy opportunities,” Kevin told Bored Panda.

“I caught a particularly dramatic theft a few days ago,” he wrote on his blog. “I saw a bald eagle stole a rabbit from a young red fox. Even more impressive is that sometimes this battle is over 20 feet in the air.”

Kevin looks at the young fox on the San Juan Islands and is called a kit to play and hunt on the grasslands. “A red fox caught a rabbit and passed through the grass,” he said. “I used it to shoot my camera to capture movements. Behind me, I heard the cry of a bald eagle. I turned to see it coming. I knew it wanted a rabbit. I concentrate on it. Point my camera at the fox and let my movement complete instantly. ”

“What surprised me was that this scene was more dramatic than I expected. I thought the fox would put down the rabbit and give the eagle a simple dinner. Instead, the fox’s chin was still clinging to the rabbit and was inadvertently bitten by a vulture. The eagle took the young fox and rabbit up to the sky and triggered a more fierce struggle.”

That’s a fighting fox! The entire air battle lasted about 8 seconds, which brought a new meaning to the word “flying fox.”

Finally, after realizing that the battle could not be won, the fox abandons the fight and the Hawks drop it from a height of 20 feet. Although quite heavy during flight, the fox did not see signs of injury during the flight. “It got rid of the encounter. I took a few pictures after the test and found no scratches.

“I suspect this eagle thinks it is a very young fox. The fox may be scared by the eagle and will give up the rabbit.” This is a very unique experience. I have seen bald eagles steal food from crows, great blue herons and other eagles. I have never seen such thefts. But I have been a nature photographer for nearly 20 years. I believe that every animal has a story to tell. “

“An image telling a story – not just a beautiful one – is my favorite. This is my goal.”

The eagle, the fox and the rabbit turned out to be a story! Scroll down to see your own incredible and rare images, and let us know what you think in the comments!

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