Flowers in a vacuum

Have you ever seen live cut flowers standing for five years? No? Then admire – it’s living roses in a vacuum.

Natural cut inflorescences are placed in a glass vessel, preliminary drawing moisture from the stems and petals.
The flowers are collected in a vacuum manually. Such a bouquet will not stand alone, and not even two years, but
For five whole years, it will please your loved ones.

On plantations of the manufacturer for creation of expositions the flowers without damages and other defects,
Capable to spoil impression are carefully chosen. Live flowers in a vacuum always look fresh, because they
Collect them at the peak of flowering, preserving the natural beauty. On the same day, flowers are sent to a
Special packing room, where they are placed in containers for processing and removing moisture. Thus, the
Producers retain the natural pigment, and the natural juice of each flower is artificially stretched and
Replaced by a special solution, which is created on the basis of glycerin. This preserves the natural beauty
Of the bouquet. In compositions, both expensive and cheaper flowers are used. In a vacuum, they all look
Harmonious and diverse.

With special attention and care, manufacturers are also approaching to glass vessels, where flowers are
Placed in a vacuum. Comments on the quality and size of the glass allowed us to reconsider the original approach
And create a whole variety of flasks of various shapes. To date, there are more than forty options for placing
Bouquets in them. Glass vessels are carefully inspected for fingerprints, chips and cracks, after which they are
Decreased, and flower compositions collected manually are placed in the ready-made vessel. The vase is
After getting rid of air. So the creators of bouquets prevent the ingress of microorganisms that can destroy all
The magnificence of the flower.

For transportation from the place of production, live flowers are packed in vacuum in a box of corrugated
Cardboard having special tight internal inserts. Bouquets packed in this way can be transported anywhere in the
World, without worrying about its well-being. Inserts tightly wrap the product, not allowing it to move inside
The package. In each box is necessarily a booklet, describing the ways of preserving and care for the bouquet.
This is a prerequisite, so be careful when buying – this product always has a separate package along with
The booklet.

Advantages of colors in the glass:
-I can give even allergy sufferers.
-Colors do not need watering.
-The bouquet can be booked in advance and save your time on the day of the celebration.
-You will be profitable to differ from all other guests, the more so, your bouquet will not get lost among all
The others.
-The bouquet will become a real decoration of the interior.
– Due to the ability of optical magnification of the glass in which the flowers are located, they look simple

However, flowers in a vacuum require caution – they must be protected from direct sunlight. The petals of the
Living flowers in the glass can fade in direct sunlight and lose their attractiveness.

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