Funny pranks that only can do younger brothers

In any family with many children there is always someone put on their husbands, someone who always keeps jokes. It has been scientifically proven that the younger brother is more funny , so it is clear who the head of the “bad” is in the house. Anyone with smaller siblings knows this and has probably gone through some sort of funny, more or less pleasant experiences, set up by the little “Dracula” of the family.

In the next set of pictures we can see some of the funniest pranks made by smaller brothers or sisters.

I can not get your phone in my brother’s house

© cwlosek / reddit
When you invite your brother to a popular restaurant and he gets first
© zynthesis1981 / reddit
When the older sister moves and asks the little one to help her with the pack
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Another potato sent by mail!
© magoo_ / reddit
The gift made on the occasion of Christmas
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A sweet revenge among the brothers
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When you are at work and ask your brother to send you pictures with the new pair of sneakers just delivered home
© EasyE973 / imgur
A big sister gift (which is obviously much taller)
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Girls, where is your sister?
© chopthebass / imgur
When you give your brother the amount of money borrowed
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That’s what little brothers do when they stay alone at home


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