How is the look most beautiful women without makeup?

After we think of Hollywood celebrities, nice actresses, items or singers that we admire and love so much, the first phrases that come to the intellect are “smoky”, “elegance” and “perfection”. We’re so familiar with the impeccable picture of the superbly authentic makeup, celebrities that if we see them at some point on the road just as they get up with in the morning, ordinary and with no little make-up, I without a doubt did not recognize them at first view. However, this does not imply that they are hiding behind a mask they need to wear at particular instances through the character of the job they have got. On the opposite. The largest Hollywood stars do not bother to disclose their genuine face in public. And they have nothing to do. They’re essentially the most wonderful ladies on the earth by means of everything they are – and by means of the picture, and in view that of their perspective and character. We have been amazed after we learned the pure natural beauty of one of the crucial fundamental names within the enjoyment enterprise.

And in the next few moments, we invite you to convince your staff personally of this through an original pictorial with some of the most beautiful Hollywood women with and without makeup

Adele, singer (born 05.05.1988)

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Alicia Silverstone, actress (04.10.1976)

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Bella Hadid, model (No. 09.10.1996)

© Abaca / eastnews / Instagram

Chaterine Zeta-Jones, actress (born September 25, 1969)

© Sipa USA / eastnews / Instagram

Christina Aguilera, singer (born December 18, 1980)

© Sipa USA / eastnews / Instagram

Diane Kruger, actress (born June 15, 1976)


Eva Longoria, actress (born March 15, 1975)

© FaceToFace / Reporter / eastnews / Instagram

Gwen Stefani, singer (d. 03.10.1969)

© Broad Image / eastnews / Instagram

Katie Holmes, actress (born December 18, 1978)

© Abaca / eastnews / Instagram

Milla Jovovich, actress (born 17.18.1975)

© Invision / eastnews / Instagram

Naomi Watts, actress (born September 28, 1968)

© Broad Image / eastnews / Instagram

Salma Hayeck (born September 2, 1966) and Penelope Cruz (born April 28, 1978), actress

© SipaPress / eastnews / Instagram

Shakira, singer (02.02.1977)

© Pierre Aslan / eastnews / Instagram

Sharon Stone, actress (born March 10, 1958)

© Board Image / eastnews / Instagram

Tyea Banks, model, actress (born 04.12.1973)



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