How to train Jennifer Lopez: The 48-year-old star pulls hard at the gym

There is a simple explanation for Jennifer Lopez’s enviable physical form: the demanding training he does at the gym.

Among the few celebrities who are constantly in an optimal physical form without fluctuations, Jennifer Lopez never deviates from the training program he pursues with holiness. Not just the diet helps her look perfect, but also the workouts she does at the gym. She recently posted on Instagram some pictures that appear while pulling hard. 

Dressed with white tights and a top sport, the star works his dorsal muscles and chest pants at fitness machines, but he also makes specific exercises for the abdomen and thighs to be in shape before the All I Have concert series he will support in Las Vegas.

Concentrated with strained muscles, Jennifer Lopez makes the series of exercises without hurting. No wonder the friend of the star, Alex Rodriguez, thinks she has the physical strength of a person half her age, writes Daily Mail . 

In a recent interview with Emmy, the singer said she is conscious of aging, but she is going to slow down the process as much as possible: “Listen, at some point, I’m getting old.

Everybody will say – looks old! But now, keep everything on the spot. Yesterday, Alex was on the other side of the yard, and I took him something, then I ran a little. And he said to me: You run like you are 25 years old. We have not lost that rhythm, I think I still have it .

The solist said she was advised to lose weight, but she refused to take the criticism. “I did not mind at all, but I got a lot of reproaches from industry people. They were saying,” You should take a few pounds off, “or” You have to do this or the other. ” the point where I said, “That’s me, I see so ,” J Lo said in an interview with InStyle . “Everyone with whom I was young looked like this and everyone was beautiful for me.” I did not see anything wrong with that, and I still do not see it! ” , she continued.

“My dad loved my mother’s body – all the men in our family loved the bodies of women. To have shapes and not to be two meters tall was never a big deal for them, in fact, it was something worthwhile to celebrate. brought this to the world, I was not trying to convey a message. I was just myself , “ she added. 

Jennifer also said she hoped to convey this way to her 10-year-old daughter, Emme Muñiz:“The most important thing I want to learn is to love and respect first of all and make sure that it gets the respect of others. The social networks are fun, but at the end of the day you live in a real world , where you have a group of friends and family, and I try to help her focus on things that matter: be a good man, a good friend, a good daughter, be happy and do what she loves. ” 

Photo: Hepta

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