I want to take you to romantic Turkey


Mikaela Gauer is a Canadian photographer and creative producer based in Brooklyn, New York. Throughout his career, Mikaela developed and transformed the brand strategy into a visual shock. The ability of narrative-driven content enabled her to write, produce, direct and photograph for some of the world’s leading creative agencies, publications and brands.

Mikaela specializes in travel, landscape and lifestyle photography. Her work has brought her to more than 50 countries around the world.

And from his travel to Cappadocia in 2015, these stunning images prove its wonderful eye travel photography.

His amazing hot air balloon, ancient volcanic rock, and exploration of the Byzantine fresco in the underground city will not make you want to travel.

When she was not in the corner of the world, Mikaela was in Brooklyn, where she worked as a photographer and artistic director. More about his website and Instagram .Turkey is an Islamic country that spans Eurasia and is called the “cradle of civilization.” In fact, Turkey has historically been the center of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire. It has a long history of 6500 years and a historic heritage of 13 different civilizations. It is also surrounded by the topography of the sea and the complex geographical environment of the interior. Has a very rich tourism resources. Not only that, Turkey is also a modern country, with hospitable people, splendid culture, fascinating scenery and mysterious legends.


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