Incredible dishes that catering establishments offer to eat on the dispute

Many people like to participate in stupid bets on eating food for a dispute. Some of these disputes are dangerous, and some are wasteful. Below you will read about the most incredible examples of dishes that catering establishments offer to eat for a dispute.

Instant noodles! Remember those times when you were poor and ate such noodles seven times a week? A Japanese restaurant in the city of Sydney, Australia called Komachi considers those times happy moments. Their dish for the action on the dispute consists of two liters of soup, about 900 grams of instant noodles and a healthy supplement of vegetables and meat. In other words, in one hour you eat as much noodles as you would eat in seven days during hard times. If you manage the dish, it will be free for you, in addition, you will receive a certificate for $ 100 for additional lunches. While eating this dish can hardly be called an impossible task, the restaurant says that in the last thirteen years only thirty-two people out of more than six hundred were able to finish the dish.

Japanese restaurant Komachi: Instant noodles

The English people love their breakfast and at the moment the restaurants’ actions on the dispute, including the food served for breakfast, are the most popular. They are advertised even in newspapers and on television, and every cafe, pub or diner is trying to outdo each other. The main hit to date is the “Monstrous Mega Breakfast” from Corner Cafe in Portishead. The dish includes six sausages, six slices of bacon, four eggs, two omelets (three eggs in each omelette), four pieces of blood, four pancakes, four servings of mushrooms, two buckets of beans, two buckets of canned tomatoes, one bowl of chips, four a piece of toast, four pieces of fried bread, two slices of bread and butter and one milkshake. The whole portion contains 7778 calories, which can cause a heart attack.

Corner Cafe, UK: Monstrous Mega Breakfast

If you are a sweet tooth and eat for eight, then maybe you will like the action for the dispute “Ice cream” from the cafe “All Very Tasty”, a portion of ice cream, like no other. Ice cream consists of sixteen ice cream balls, three cakes, three bananas and a variety of toppings. If you can eat this all for an hour, then you will not have to pay anything. In addition, you will be in high spirits for many hours from the huge volume of sugar you have eaten. There is also an alternative option, take the treat home, give it to the children and see how they frolic in ecstasy, overflowing with sugar passion.

Cafe “All Very Tasty”, Tennessee: Action for the Controversy “Ice Cream Mountain”

Americans love their food for breakfast, like many other nations, but the growing popularity of Mexican food often means the growing popularity of extreme Mexican food. For example, you should pay attention to the action on the dispute “three-kilogram burrito” from the establishment “Jack-N-Grills”. The length of the fully cooked dish is equal to the length of the adult’s forearm. It consists of 7 potatoes, twelve eggs, a pound of meat, onions, cheese and chili. If you manage to cope with this dish completely – it will get to you for free, in addition your photo will be placed on the Wall of Glory. In addition, the institution offers a special prize for participants.

Jack-N-Grills, Denver: Action for the dispute “three-kilogram burrito”

Sandwiches with salted beef are a favorite dish of NASA astronauts. At least, according to the myth, sometime the cosmonaut carried a sandwich on board the Gemini-3 (Gemini 3). The best institution that serves such a dish in Canada is the “Corned Beef House”. While the institution offers a number of all sorts of traditional delicacies, the action on the dispute is to absorb a sandwich with beef corned beef weighing more than a kilogram, consisting of meat, bread and pickles. If you manage to deal with this sandwich in 1 hour, then it will get to you for free. However, no one gives you a guarantee that your stomach will not burst.

“Corned Beef House”, Toronto: Action for the dispute “Beef corned beef”

Given the fact how much Americans are betrayed to their steaks, restaurants offering a stake in the dispute, including steaks, can be found in all corners of this country. In Texas, everything is done on a grand scale and perhaps one of the oldest and largest shares in the dispute is held in the city of Amarillo, in the establishment of the Big Texan Steak Ranch in Amarillo. Since 1991, people traveling on Highway 66, stop here to get a free lunch. At the moment, the rules of the action begin with the price. The action costs 72 dollars and includes a cocktail of shrimp, baked potatoes, salad, a bun with butter and a 2-kg steak. If you manage to eat all this in an hour, you will get money back. Given the fact that the action has been held for almost a quarter of a century and the institution is still thriving,

“Big Texan Steak Ranch”, Amarillo: Action for the controversy “The Big Texas Steak”

Think about the habitual love of Americans for hamburgers weighing 115 grams. Given this fact, it’s easy to understand the huge popularity of shares in the dispute in restaurants, where the subject of the dispute are huge hamburgers. The action refers to the size of these hamburgers and among them the champion in size is the “Monstrous Hamburger” weighing 4.5 kilograms from the establishment “Mallie’s Sports Bar & Grill”. So that you can imagine its size, multiply an ordinary hamburger by forty and eat this hamburger in two hours. Any visitor who can eat a 4.5-pound hamburger will get back its cost – about $ 40 and another bonus of $ 100, perhaps to buy a huge bottle of antacid.

Mallie’s Sports Bar & Grill, Minnesota: Action for the dispute “Monstrous Hamburger”

Looking for options for a memorable and inexpensive appointment? How about a pizza? The mathematics of pizza is not that complicated. Start with the fact that the diameter of an ordinary large pizza is about 35 centimeters. The action on the dispute “Pizza Shiappa” for two consists of a pizza with a diameter of 74 centimeters, containing four toppings. The diameter of this pizza can also be measured by taking two scale rulers measuring 1 yard and drawing a circle. On average, each of the two people should eat the equivalent of a whole large pizza with four toppings in half an hour, so that the dish becomes free. It’s hard to imagine what will happen next on a date after this dinner.

Pizzeria “Schiappa’s”, Illinois: Action for the dispute “Pizza Shiappa”

Donuts are a favorite meal for breakfast or a snack for the night. They became even more attractive thanks to the action on the dispute a free donut from the institution “Voodoo Ponchik”. The action is called “Texas Donut”. This dish is a traditional glazed donut, but not simple, but giant – it is six times larger than a standard large glazed donut and more like a cake. If you can eat it in eighty seconds, you will get money back for it. In any case, your money will not be wasted, because you will enjoy a sugar coma for the next few hours.

Voodoo Doughnut, Portland: Action for the Texas Donuts dispute


Competitions to eat hot dogs for a dispute are as inherent in America as apple pies, a celebration on July 4th, and snack bars on every corner. However, the most outstanding competition of this plan was the action on the dispute “Hot Dog Spike” from the institution “Spike’s Junkyard Dogs”. As they say in the old proverb: free cheese only in a mousetrap. The action of the institution is that the visitor must eat six huge hot dogs wrapped in large buns. While according to the restaurant, two-thirds of customers cope with the task, their only reward is the name on the wall of fame. In order to get food for free, the client must break the record for eating Hot Dogs, which at the moment is at 15 hot dogs for men and 12 hot dogs for women.

Spike’s Junkyard Dogs, Boston: Action for the Hot Dog Spike dispute

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