Incredible photos before and after losing weight (25 photos)

For sure, every woman dreams of a slender body without cellulite and fat folds. But, unfortunately, losing weight is not so easy. In this case, the main thing is motivation. We present to you a selection of 25 photographs that motivate to lose excess weight. All these people became much happier and changed for the better. Another great plus – losing weight is very useful for health. All rather run to the gym and pump your body!

1. Kate weighed 120 kg, for nine months dropped 55 kg

2. Difference in three years: 272 kg and 104 kg

3. Just a year ago, these shorts looked different, 122 kg and 61 kg

4. She lost 30 kg and became much happier

5. The difference is 50 kg and 7 years

6. Together went this way

7. Progress for the year 170

8. She is so much better

9. I lost 45 kg when I found out that my husband was cheating on her and calling her a cow

10. This man ate only fast food for a long time, but then he regained his composure, lost 140 kg and found his love

11. He was told that he would die if he did not lose weight

12. Only one year passed

13. He was the fat man in the world

14. The minus of 70 kg

15. 145 kg and 55 kg

16. Refused alcohol and lost weight

17. For 11 months turned into such a beauty

18. Before and after

19. Do not know!

20. Weight loss really does good

21. Good result

22. Achieved this result for 1 year

23. How did the face change!

24. I lost more than half of my weight in a year

25. 261 kg and 115 kg


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