Indisputable proofs of human genius in unusual pictures

Fast, simple and efficient.

When people do not want to do things, they do some kind of ingenious solutions to solve the job as quickly and effortlessly as possible. We must recognize that many of the great inventions of mankind have been born out of desire and the need to ease our lives and daily activities. In the present material we will discover the genius of simple people, like us, who have managed to find new ways to solve their chores.

The fastest and most effective way to clean the snow on your street

© AutoRU / pikabu

Anyone can move a couch from one side to the other

© mitekdima / pikabu

Extremely practical improvisation, do not you think?

© memerator / pikabu
Do not you have another source of heat? So you can warm your hands in cold weather

© oragul / pikabu

It looks odd, but if the method is practical, it does not matter anymore

© ostalop / pikabu

A perfect and fast way to move, no matter where you stand

© leesonok / pikabu

Books are good in all sorts of situations

© Tulasi / pikabu

When you decide to save on electricity

© Reptiloid.Greg / pikabu

It’s much quicker, right?

© twofirstkinds / reddit

Simple things are brilliant

© belyjkrolik / pikabu

If you have a lot to go, this is a good idea

© belyjkrolik / pikabu

It’s not real, but the effect is extraordinary

© belyjkrolik / pikabu

Simply ingenious!

© Bezdna999 / pikabu


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