Inflate and fall in love! 15 most unusual floating pieces (15 photos)

Summer is a great time to relax on the water. Spending time with family or friends in the open air is very useful! But what if you do not know how to swim? It does not matter! Swim out of the situation the winner will help you presented in the selection of creative mattresses.

For gatherings

An excellent option for friendly gatherings on the water. Just do not swim for the buoys!

Big company

This raft will accommodate even more people, which means it will be even more fun!

Large and white

If you like to swim yourself, then pay attention to this swan! Excellent form will not only help to stay afloat, but also attract attention

The child of the sunset

Glamorous version is simply created for positive emotions!

Stylish black

The black swan looks really cool. A contrasting pair for the white!

Mr. Duck

Be as steep as he is!


A large pineapple circle looks attractive, like a juicy fruit. But do not you dare to bite him!

The most appetizing

Careful! A circle in the form of a donut can cause unexpected attacks of hunger

Floating pizza

Let’s move on to the mattresses! And start with a piece of pizza, which can also make you hungry


And this mattress is made in the form of a famous cookie, only the form is different …

Inflatable Watermelon

No less attractive watermelon will help to swim away!

Tarakan Timothy

Someone will scare, but someone will cheer! A real find for recreation

Support for drinks

Inflatable wheels can keep on the surface not only you, but also your drinks!

Rest for lemonade

Now your drink will rest as it should!

Cola in the shade

Umbrella will not allow overheating

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