KFC fried chicken explosion idea for Advertise

Over the years, KFC has been very successful in their advertising. From their iconic “Colonel” to wacky ideas such as chicken-flavored candles and controversial advertisements, these advertisements are listed on the list of “most complained advertisements” and they certainly have a way to have their names and logos appear There.

I am not a fan of that chain, but this particular activity has really caught my attention with its simple and creative image. This concept is very simple. Fiery spicy chicken, like an explosion image of a rocket taking off, or drag racing to speed up. Fried chicken under the rocket? How this may work? The issue of fairness. But it’s work, spectacular!

We interviewed John Koay in the creative director Ogilvy, who is behind the brain and many other KFC famous advertising campaigns. He gave us some background on how this idea was born. “So, we sat on our desk one evening eating KFC, thinking about how we could show the feeling of heat but didn’t show the cliché of tears or the sticking out tongue,” so we took a closer look at this product, Finally found that fried chicken looks like something else…

So they began to work hard to make their vision a new look, and John said “the best polisher”, hallucinating CGI Bangkok. “These guys carefully photographed the chicken and made together how to make the fried chicken look like a detail explosion. It’s hard but it’s fun. We learned a lot of explosions… a lot!”

Scroll down to see your explosive activity and let us know what you think in the review!

Is the smoke from the rocket taking off like a chicken?

The smoke emitted when the car accelerates is not like a chicken

Eating chicken nuggets at KFC, the ad next to it was explosively appealing

Some people also try to remove the saturation of a fried chicken and then it can be used as a smoke eruption volcano

In the end, whether you like the KFC brand or not, whether you looked at a chicken block, you have an appetite, haha, actually, the pictures on these real subway advertisements are very stimulating.

Admiring KFC’s designers for their creative designs, their ads are always new and unique

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