Korean artist draws love so that looking at these works you can literally feel it (20 photos)

All people show their love in different ways. Some express their attachment through touch, others express through words, and some through actions. Hyocheon Jeong – an artist from South Korea, whose work makes the heart beat faster. She paints incredibly cozy, intimate moments of couples’ life, in which there is so much warmth and tenderness that you literally fall into this illustrated world, and you feel everything with every part of your soul. In this you can see for yourself!

1. Relax after watching the movie

2. Fall asleep on the hand of a loved one

3. Together there is homemade food

4. Give easy kisses

5. Feel safe in your arms

6. Enjoying cautious touches

7. Walking in the park, ignoring the bad weather

8. Night dances, when you are only two

9. Enjoy the beauty of the night city

10. Immerse yourself in unexpected moments of passion

11. Kisses in the Rain

12. Celebrating all the holidays together

13. Enjoy a breakfast buffet

14. Hiding from the whole world

15. Staying in a warm bath

16. To contemplate the stars

17. Together to take care of your home

18. Just sit in the rain. Together.

19. Give kisses under the stars

20. Admire the beauty of each other’s eyes

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