Life-hack: how to recognize the picture of any artist in 5 seconds (17 photos)

Do you want to start understanding painting? Do you want to impress your friends with knowledge of high art? Do you want to instantly determine whose brush belongs to this or that masterpiece? Then this collection is specially for you! We present to your attention several distinguishing features of the works of great artists. With these simple details you can always find out the author of any picture.

If everyone – including women – looks like Putin, this picture van Eyck

If all men look like curly-haired women with cow eyes, this is Caravaggio

If everyone in the picture has something wrong with the body, this is Picasso

If there is any kind of drug addiction in the picture, it’s Dali

If all the pictures have a dark background, and the painted characters have a pained expression, this is Titian

If the pictures are a lot of tiny people, but otherwise everything seems normal – it’s Brueghel

If there are a lot of tiny people in the pictures, but otherwise there is some kind of nonsense – this is Bosch

If everyone looks like homeless people, lit by dim street lights – this is Rembrandt

If everything is beautiful and bare – it’s Michelangelo

If the picture depicts ballerinas, it is most likely Degas

If everything in the picture is contrasting and a bit bluish, and all painted characters have beards, this is El Greco

If in all the pictures there is the face of a woman with frowning eyebrows, this is Frida

If the pictures painted landscapes in the style of “The Lord of the Rings” and curly Madonna – it’s Da Vinci


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