Modern stylists rest, looking at the hairstyles of Nigerian women of the 1960s

Nigerian Jay Dee Okhai Ohjaker left behind an amazing legacy: stunning fantastic pictures of the hairstyles of African women. He became famous for having photographed amazing structures of hair throughout his life.

Many hairstyles are so amazing that they are even hard to imagine without ever having seen. We invite you to admire non-standard creativity.


“All these photos are ephemeral and almost mystical. To wear this, except for the Afrikans themselves, no one will become, for the inhabitants of the big world this is a one-time installation, a theatrical chic. But to imagine an African woman without a complex hairstyle is impossible. It’s so trendy, so accepted. This is the norm. It takes almost a week to create some hairstyles. I just wanted those memories to be remembered ”


The creator of this series of photographs admits that photographing hairstyles has become a way of studying Nigerian culture. He photographed only the hair, so that the viewer was not distracted by the details of the image, face, clothes. The style of black and white photography is also called to emphasize the elegance of the creations, the essence of the idea.


In 1950, in Laos, Nigeria, where he spent most of his life, the photographer bought a modest camera, and studied photography. He was helped by a more experienced neighbor from the village. In 1951, he began to seek the work of a photographer and repeatedly received refusals. However, in 1954, the Ministry of Information in Ibadan rewarded his perseverance, and Oakhai was accepted into the state. In 1961 he became a photographer of the television channel of Nigeria.


In 1967, he joined the Council on Arts and began to make a series of photographs about the culture of Nigeria. Then there was still no talk about the project. A series of photographs is the largest part of the archive of photographs in the framework of the project on the culture of the country. Okhay photographed almost daily and everywhere, wherever he could.


“I always wanted to write down moments of beauty. I’m sorry that only a photograph can remember the past, that hairstyles can not live on their own. This is a fragile moment of art, it seems to flow through your fingers. Without art, life will be dead, frozen. And I want to revive her! ”













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