Money does not peck the chickens: The richest animals in the world

It’s no secret that animals become family members for many people, especially single people. Of course, our smaller brothers do not know how to make money. In order to become rich, it is enough for them only by faith and truth to serve their masters. Grateful owners in return give their pets multimillionaire-dollar inheritances. Before you rating the richest animals

The richest dog in the world is the German shepherd Guenter IV, whose condition is estimated at 373 million dollars. But, strange as it may sound, the pet received an inheritance not from a man, but from his father – Gunther III, who, in turn, was bequeathed by Carlotta Liebenstein in 1992. According to her will, money after the death of her beloved dog must pass to his son.

Gunther IV – media and famous person. He is courted by a whole staff of trainers and veterinarians, he has homes, expensive cars, the best food and even his own website. Eh, we would have such a dog life.

2. The dog Maximilian

Maximilian, perhaps, would have remained an unknown dog. But he was lucky to become the favorite of producer Roger Dorcas. It is difficult to imagine what the tycoon’s wife experienced when she learned after her husband’s death that he had bequeathed to his pet all of his multi-million dollar fortune. In addition, it turned out that the dog is a full-fledged citizen of the United States, she has an account from which the taxes are transferred.

However, the widow of Dorcas found a way to obtain an inheritance: she married a dog, becoming a full-fledged mistress of the state.

3. Cats Hamish, Bush, Eileen, Coco and Tafnel

Comedy actress Beryl Reid wished that all of her savings – $ 1.8 million – after death went to her favorite cats. In addition, in the will, she pointed out that pets should live in a cottage that is kept in perfect purity.

True, the landlady did not indicate what to do with her money after the death of cats. After all, as we know, the century of “murks” is short.

4. The Cat Tinker

A normal, black-and-white black cat would have spent all his life on the street if Margaret Lane had not once taken him home – an elderly lonely rich woman. After her death, Tinker became the owner of 800 million dollars.

The distant relatives of the deceased tried to challenge her decision in court. However, they managed to get only a third of the inheritance.

5. The Cat of Tommaso

A similar fate and Tommaso, who was lucky to be in the house of the rich widow of Mary Assunta. His mistress did not even have distant relatives, so she foresaw that her pet would not be on the street after her death.

$ 13 million and housing in a mansion under the supervision of a nurse – this was the wish of the deceased Mary. But, unfortunately, at the age of five, Tommaso also died. What will happen to the legacy, is still unknown.

6. The Silver stone Turtle

The owner of a major publishing house, Christina Foyle, wished her fortune of $ 2 million to go to … a turtle. In fact, Silver stone for complete happiness does not need much: food and peace. Therefore, his state is managed by the worker and his wife, caring for the animal. However, they may not worry about the fact that after the death of the animal they will be in poverty. After all, as you know, turtles live up to 200 years, and this rich reptile is only 50 with a tail.

7. The Dog Trabler

Maltese lapdog Trably has experienced many adventures for her short dog life. After her mistress, Leon Helmsley, left the pet in its fortune of $ 2 billion, the heiress began a real hunt. The poor were abducted several times and tried to kill by the relatives of the deceased, so a round-the-clock observation was necessary for the lapdog.

Four years later, Trabl died, having managed to spend $ 1.2 million. She was buried in the mausoleum next to the landlady. Another 3 million went to the farewell ceremony and the care of the crypt.

8. The Monkey Bubbles

In 1985, Michael Jackson took a monkey from the research laboratory, gave her a name, taught him to sing, ate at the same table, and even slept with him. Therefore it is not surprising that the singer bequeathed $ 2 million to his pet.

9. Hen’s Chicken

The chicken became the owner of 10 million dollars. The chicken, Carl! This wealth is due to its owners, who, because of the lack of their children, left their entire state to the feathered.

10.Chimpanzee Kalu

The richest monkey in the world lives in the suburbs of Cape Town. Her mistress, Patricia O’Neil, bequeathed her $ 109 million. And her husband – the famous swimmer Frank O’Neil – did not get anything. The spouse, taking advantage of his absence, rewrote the will in favor of the animal.

11. The Poodle Toby Reims

92 million dollars is transferred to this canine family by inheritance. The first millionaire was the great-grandmother poodle Ella Wendel, who in 1931 passed the entire state of her deceased host. Money is managed by people who conduct business on behalf of the dog.


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