Money for the hole: These jeans cost 168 dollars – how is this possible ?!

Everyone knows that jeans with cutouts are now very popular and fashionable.

We all buy and wear them with great pleasure, because they look stylish and cool!

As one of the representatives of the Armani family said: “The most important thing is to know where to cut” 😉 😊

But these jeans are another story …

After all, we are not talking about such nice “gaps”.

But about such a part of the wardrobe, which the language can not even be called a clothing!

You will not believe, but for the purchase of these, sorry, JEANS there is a real turn of those who want to buy 😱

To understand those who are in this line is not possible.
Because it’s much easier to wear nothing at all than to wear SUCH.

And now attention: people in the queue are paying for these “jeans” 168 dollars!

168 dollars, Carl! Are they in your mind at all? 😃😄😅

It would be better if we gave this money …

Where in this form to walk? It is completely incomprehensible.

Imagine sitting in such jeans on the bus seat or on the sofa in the subway car ??!

In such only on the Californian beaches to roam. And it’s not comme il faut😛



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