Motivating changes in people who inspire you to start losing weight

Fight for yourself, stop eating for three and finally start playing sports is not as easy as it seems at first glance. People always like to search for some excuses, such as “there is no time”, “to eat properly – it’s expensive,” “I can not play sports,” and other nonsense. 

We all understand that we need to start not from the new month, not Monday, and certainly not from the new year, but right now. 

Well, are you ready to be inspired and take on yourselves? And our selection will help you in this

1. Can you imagine that you can change so after the birth of three children?

2. She lost weight from 136 to 68 kg

3. Remember that transformation is a slow and difficult process, the main thing is to be stubborn and do not lose faith in yourself!

4. This girl lost about 70 kg in 15 months 

5. When losing weight, the main thing is not to lose yourself and your true self.

6. This girl could not lose weight for a long time, because her weight constantly jumped from big to small.

7. Remember, losing weight together is not so difficult and not as boring as one 

8. And this young man, to lose weight, refused such harmful habits, as the use of drugs and alcohol.

9. Love – this is another guarantee of successful weight loss ❤️

10. This is how the happy father of three children looks, who raised the fifth point from the sofa in a desire to change himself:

11. This girl every day looked in the mirror and wanted a thinner waist, and she did it! 👏

12. Proper nutrition + 3 workouts a week = minus 63 kg for 15 months …

13. Even problems with women’s health did not prevent this girl from losing hateful pounds:

14. Getting rid of excess weight is not a joke:

15. In her 20 this girl drank a lot and often suffered from depression. Today she is 30. The result is obvious!

16. Bravo! 👏

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