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A village is located in the hill valley of Dima Hassao district of Assam state of India. Approximately 2,500 indigenous people have lived and enjoyed this beautiful village in beautiful beauty and enchanting natural environment. But this is a mysterious tragedy that takes place in the beautiful village . Birds flock here in a particular time every year. But not in search of food or building a house. It is not possible to say that it is suicide itself to come here, at least it is suicide. But it is assumed that they come here to commit suicide here. That is why the name of this village is the bird’s ‘Valley of Death’ or Valley of Death . Is not it mysterious?

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We are quite aware of the tendency of suicide among humans. There is a tendency of suicide among people when it is extremely frustrating or difficult for some reason. But if we think about animals, if we think of animals, then we can see that their brain is not so advanced that they can commit suicide.

There are exceptions in this case. Like Newfoundland dogs have a tendency to commit suicide. They jumped into the water and did not try to keep their hands and legs in motion. Although they were rescued, they would repeat the same work again. It may be for cows, buffaloes, or deer, but their numbers are insignificant. There is another dolphin in the list of suicidal tendencies.

But it is hardly a case for birds. That is, the researchers say that birds do not have any plans to commit suicide in the brain. So the matter becomes a mystery that for what reason does the birds die in this way by the zombies, which means suicide?


Actually, this is a mystery. Because this  issue is natural and it is not yet possible to explain it properly. At this particular time, with the guests birds at a particular time every year, the local birds are causing this assault. Some specific reasons may be mentioned here, such as due to fog, smoke or cloud. The event occurs between mid-monsoon season, between mid-September to mid-November and from 7 pm to 10 pm.

It is surprising, however, that at this time birds have to rest on their nostrils and rest. Again, it is not possible to see such incidents of animosity around the whole nation. It is established by research that the whole race is not attracted to such behavior of birds. This happens in a length of one and a half kilometers of the valley and 200 meters width in a specific strip.


According to the ancient ideas of local indigenous people, behind this incident are the invisible ghosts’ hands. During this time, they fly in the sky, and those birds who oppose these ghosts thrive those ghosts to the ground. But in this era of science, it is not possible to actually study this belief. Want science based theory and results

So scientists and researchers started a science-based study. In particular, bird experts have done many research in this regard to help birds to find reasons for this unusual suicide trend. They found that some local species such as fishing, or gossip usually exhibit such behavior. Observations and research show that in the end of the monsoon the waters of this region of Assam are flooded with flood waters. Then these birds lose their natural habitat. As a result, they have to pass as a guest bird to live in other areas.

Nathanga village falls in the middle of this migration path. Assam was flooded several times in 1988. The suicides of the birds were reported to be the maximum. Even though some birds who migrate far away, this suicide trend is not seen in those cases. Birds that commit suicide are either near the valley or on the shores of the hills, those who migrate in small distances.



The suicidal tendency of birds has been discovered many years ago. The villagers first witnessed this incident in 1905. The villagers were all looking for a buffalo that took the tigers away. So the villagers discovered the buffalo that the birds started an abnormal behavior due to fire torches.

After that, there is a continuation of the suicides of birds due to the combination of electrical lights and some natural conditions from light torch used by the light source of fire. This happens every year at this particular time. Although the number of birds coming to suicide is slightly decreased. But in the researchers’ research, about 44 species of birds participate in this act of suicide.


They fly in the sky on the moonless night at that particular time, ie 7pm to 10pm. They start scattered behavior in light source such as fire torches or watch lights in the watch tower. They think that they are stuck like drunkards, and they are so scattered in the light torch that they flutter in the swamp to hit the ground or shudder with the tree. A lot of people are seen in hypnosis,

However, due to the villagers, their deaths are a bit more, because when the birds roam on the light source, the villagers hit them with bamboo stick, so these mesmeric birds were subjected to bamboo injuries. Villagers think that this is good for them. Because they think these birds are corrupted by ghosts. So they should be killed. Although there is no such problem or trend in the days of the birds. Because they come back before the evening and do not have any scattered behavior in the darkness of the night. However, there is no specific and accurate theory of action in this species of birds (or whether it can be called suicide!). Researchers have said that the theories that have been found are not enough. But birds need more broad research to understand this particular psychology.

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