One of the schools in Turkey simply took and came a cat. Many were against the animal living in the classroom, but he did not even think about leaving

No one knows exactly where the redhead came from, but there is no doubt that he found his home. In January, a cat, named Tombi, appeared on the territory of a secondary school in Izmir, Turkey. Unlike most stray animals, Tombi was extremely sociable and friendly – walking among children and demanding attention. But this pussy was not limited to, and decided to take all the paws for his education. Being a smart enough cat, he decided that the third class is an ideal place to start.

“Tombi just went into the office and immediately liked the children,” says the teacher Ozlem Pynar Ivashku. Of course – this is the cat

It would seem that a cat wandering around the class should distract the students, but no – Tombi had the opposite effect on academic performance

Seeing that even a cat is interested in learning, children have become more attentive and diligent. And even stopped being late for lessons!

Naturally, Tombi was sent to the vet to check his health and do all the necessary vaccinations

Despite this, the parents of one of their students filed a complaint against the cat, as it could pose a danger to the health of children. Therefore, Tombi had to look for a new home

“We found a new house for Tombi, but he did not like it there – he refused to eat. Then I had to take him to me, but here he was not happy, “says the teacher Ozlem Pinar Ivashka

The history of Tombi caused a wide public response – the cat was supported by a huge number of people. Even a parent who was against him changed his anger to mercy

As a result, the school administration allowed Tombi to return to school, which was incredibly encouraging for all 33 students

Now that Tombi has appeared in one of the schools in Turkey, many educational institutions also want to have fluffy classes in their classrooms. Myrk!

image Source: thedodo

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