Operation El Dorado Canyon: The day America murdered Gaddafi’s child Daughter

April 15, 1986 Under the dark of the night, the US Air Force’s fifty-plus planes are running to Libya. Everyone involved with the operation was very excited, because it was the first operation of the US Air Force since the Vietnam War, as well as the first ‘anti-terror campaign’ directed against any other state in the history of the United States. Officially the mission was to destroy the Libyan military bases used in the ‘terrorist’ attack. But no one told the officials who participated in the operation, but many of them knew that the main objective of this operation was to kill – Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi.

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Trying to kill Gaddafi was not the first of the American. Gaddafi was ousted or killed in the United States during the whole of the eighties . The main reason behind this was that Gaddafi’s opposition to Israel and its financial support for Palestine and Syrian organizations. We will discuss these operations in any future document. Today’s discussions will be restricted only in a few cases of 1986.

Since the end of 1985 several failed operations, the CIA was looking for an attack on Gaddafi directly. At the same time, on April 5th La Bell Disco bombing, which was discussed in detail in the previous article in this series . Since the La Bell attack earlier, the CIA had made full preparations to directly attack Gaddafi, but could not find the right opportunity. This attack gives America the right to do so.

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Another terrorist attack took place in Vienna and Rome airport just three months before the La Bell attack. Immediately after the terrorist attacks ofthe Palestinian organization Abu Nidal Organization  , America blamed Libya without any evidence, and increased their activities in the Gulf of Sidra. At that time, two US fleets USS Saratoga and USS America were staying in the Sidra Bay on the outskirts of Libya. On March 23, four of the four Libyan warlords and 35 civilians were killed in an attack conducted by them.

The purpose of America was to inflict Gaddafi with Libya’s demand for the intrusion into the sea, as if Gaddafi attacked the US navy and used to attack directly in Libya. But even after the death of 35 sailors, the United States could not implement their plans, since Libya did not immediately counter-attack the US fleet. But America got the chance to attack Libya only three months later, when the Libyan detective member Mesbah Bilgasam Ithter was blown off by the bombing of the La Bell Night Club in West Berlin on April 5th, as a revenge arrangement for Sidar’s incident .

A Turkish woman and two US soldiers were killed in the incident in La Bell Disco bombing . More than 230 were wounded, of which 50 were US soldiers, and 29 were US citizens. But the most important result of the attack was that it gave the opportunity to attack Libyans in America. La Bell Disco bombing that was actually Libya’s work took another 15 years to prove it . But immediately after the incident, without any evidence, America directly blamed Libya for it and finalized plans to attack Libya.

It is claimed by the United States that they have received evidence of exchange of messages from East Libyan embassies in East Germany a few hours ago and later with Tripoli, which proves that the Libyanis have done this attack. But the White House has not been able to satisfy many overseas officials of the National Security Agency (NSA) . Because of the normal rule, the message of this message was found and its authenticity was verified by NSA, but in this case, the NSA’s North Africa experts were sent directly to the White House officials.

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US President Ronald Reagan was keen to overthrow Gaddafi, but he did not agree to directly enforce military power over Libya. But CIA and National Security Council officials have been able to convince him to launch an operation on Libya, claiming that Gaddafi’s role was behind the attack after LaBel Disco bombing. On the afternoon of the attack, Reagan changed his mind and gave green signal to the military operation. The formal preparations of Operation El Dorado Canyon begin.

The President of the United States and Navy began to finalize plans for the attack on Libya. It was decided that in addition to the attack on important military installations in the capital Tripoli and important port city of Benghazi, the latest nine supersonic F-111F war aircraft with laser guiding system will be appointed to kill only Gaddafi. There was no written order for anyone to kill Gaddafi directly, but the air force officials confirmed that there was a possibility of killing Gaddafi in his operation 95%.

Only 10 days after La Bell Disco bombing, the main expedition of El Dorado Canyon started on the night of April 14. Unable to show enough evidence against Gaddafi, a European state, including Germany, France, Spain and Italy, did not allow American warplanes to use their country’s airspace . As a result, 58 aircrafts from the US Air Force began to fly from England’s airfield. Instead of going directly to Europe, they had to reach the target, going through a wide path through the Gibraltar method of the Pacific Ocean.

Two American warriors were already in the Mediterranean. There was another vessel named USS Coral Sea after the attack on the Vienna and Rome airports. The United States Navy’s 27 more planes join the airplanes with the planes flying from England. The target of the air force was the Libyan White House , the residence of Gadhafi’s residence, Bab al-Aziziya compound, and the military targets of Tripoli and naval forces were targeted at various military bases of Benghazi.

All the 270 passengers were killed in locker attacks. As the original manufacturer of the judgment of the International Court of nedaralyandera role in Libyan citizens are proven and Gaddafi Americans pay was forced. We will talk about the Lockerbis attack next time, but before the next phase will be Hanna Gaddafi’s daughter, Gaddafi’s daughter, who was killed in Operation El Dorado Canyon. Really Haina Gaddafi was killed in that attack? Even bigger question, did anyone actually exist in the name of Hana Gaddafi? Or was it the Gaddafi campaign to get the sympathy of the world?

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