Services with Artificial Intelligence and “minute-by-minute” machine learning in Oracle’s cloud

Oracle has new standalone solutions in the cloud that apply AI and machine learning technologies to areas such as application development, integration and analytics.
These are PaaS options and are already available in Portugal.

Oracle has been expanding the stand-alone capabilities of its entire cloud platform and has just announced three new pay as a service option : Analytics Cloud,
Integration, Cloud and Visual Builder Cloud. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, These new technology giant PaaS services are designed
To automate recurring tasks, enabling organizations to reduce costs and risks, accelerate innovation, and make better business decisions.

The company wants to make its technology more and more autonomous, more ‘self-assured’, self-regulating, self-sustaining and in fact able to do ‘self-tanning’ for what
Customers’ needs are. Beginning of the year that began to launch a series of services in the cloud, said Hugo Abreu, country leader of Oracle Portugal. “And it will
Continue to launch,” he added.

The services now presented to the Portuguese market follow the launch of what was announced by the company as the first autonomous database for the cloud “Around
This autonomous database, we are launching a series of services like these.”

Regarding the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Hugo Abreu comments that technologies are increasingly incorporated into different solutions, “They
Are a trend that has come to stay, whether we like it or not.” And, “at the end of the day” will be many companies benefited, “achieving faster and more appropriate
Responses to your business.” They will allow “business to be done differently and new business models born.”

The new freestanding services have freed up the workforce in the IT team, which can apply their capabilities to other tasks that are more essential to the business,
Added João Borrego from Oracle Portugal ‘s sales consulting department. “IT teams are not growing, but IT needs in a company are,” he said.

“Those actions that are repetitive, but that take time and consume resources are being made by Oracle’s solutions autonomously”
The services are pay as you go , that is, in practice their use can be contacted “at the hour, the month, the year”. As for the cost, Hugo Abreu prefers to point out
That price must always be seen in the perspective of what is withdrawn in return. “When we talk about these technologies we are talking about companies that want to
Get a better level of service, faster response times, more efficiency of business processes and hence reduce costs. We are talking about companies that have the size
and the complexity of their business process, roughly, “he said.

In any case, being a service paid according to the consumption, it allows smaller companies and with less capacity of investment to adhere, underlined
João Borrego. At this moment there are already some pilots running into companies in Portugal, at the invitation of Oracle and at no cost to them. Sales expectations
Are not revealed, but Hugo Abreu leaves a guarantee: that all Oracle customers will hear about the new services and their benefits.

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