Six success stories that will completely change your life

They are great, they are brilliant, brilliant, maybe even unmatched, but they are all men like us all. And like any people, they have stories to tell, otherwise stories that give us thought, which can make us look at the world with the eyes of the winners and that must give us the power never to give up on our dream no matter how far away seems to us. We present six book titles with the extraordinary stories of a few people who have something to say in this world and have left much behind.

Horatiu Malaele – Oana C. Popescu

An unforgettable trip in the universe of one of the most beloved Romanian actors. The present book presents the giant Horatiu Malaele through his own thoughts and images.


Mahatma Gandhi: A Legendary Life – Romain Rolland


Romain Rolland brings through this book a tribute to the man who renounced a bone side career in advocacy to devote his life to mobilizing India’s population against xenophobia and injustice committed by the British Empire.

An impatient optimist – Bill Gates

Founder and former Microsoft chief Bill Gates initiated one of the biggest revolutions in modern history by becoming aware of the importance of software for personal computers. In this volume you can find answers to many questions about thinking of a man with an outrageous intelligence.

The Short History of My Life – Stephen Hawking

A concisely and honest autobiography with fine humor and wisdom. Stephen Hawking presents in his book his remarkable contributions to cosmology, in modest but essential phrases.

Messi: The story of the boy became a legend – Luca Caioli

Considered by many analysts to be the best footballer of all time, Lionel Messi had a fabulous career as an athlete. In this book we will be able to discover Messi the man – a complex character, remarkable, how talented, so modest.

About God and Man: From the Last Year’s Diary – Lev Tolstoy

Tolstoi spent his last years living at the Iasnaia Poliana estate. He had left the modern peter-bourgeois society, honors, and literary destiny to remain lonely and to talk to himself about God and men. The jury that he always had at hand is the space where he puts infinite questions and seeks to understand the world and express himself differently than he did in novels.



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