Special Effects of Scene before and after movie release

You probably already know that most movies use visual effects that often make their action a super experience, or in some cases manage to destroy everything.

Surely we know that the tiger in Life of Pi was not real, or what I saw in The Avengers or Alice in Wonderland. Nothing of what has been seen on the big screens was anything but the actors 🙂.

See the collection of 40 pictures of pictures before the effects are applied and after the effects have been applied. You’re probably going to completely change the way you see the movies from now on.

# 1 Game of Thrones

# 2 Guardians Of The Galaxy

# 3 Pirates Of The Caribbean

# 4 Life Of Pi

# 5 Twilight Saga: Eclipse

# 6 Alice In Wonderland

# 7 The Hobbit

# 8 The Dark Knight

# 9 Boardwalk Empire

# 10 The Matrix

# 11 X-Men: Days Of Future Past

# 12 Game of Thrones

# 13 Alice In Wonderland

# 14 The Hobbit

# 15 Oz, The Great And Powerful

# 16 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

# 17 The Lord Of The Rings

# 18 The Avengers

# 19 Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

# 20 Elysium


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