Strange but true!

the world that surrounds us, we meet almost every step or everyday things less commonplace.
Some of them can go as true records, others remain a reference in history.

Here are some of these:

  • The world’s first cell phone cost nearly $ 4,000.
  • The first microwave was almost as tall as a refrigerator.
  • Many of today’s computers perform better than the world’s first computer.
  • The first email was sent in1971.
  • Ketchup was originally used as a medicine
  • The lashes were invented by a 11-year-old.
  • Before the toothpaste was invented, people cleared their teeth with charcoal.
  • On the planet Mercury, the days are longer than the years.
  • Chimpanzees, monkeys, dogs, mice and guinea pigs have all traveled so far in space.
  • Four asteroids were named after the band’s Beatles: John, Paul, George, Ringo.
  • On the planet Neptune, the wind blows at 2000 km / h.
  • At least 12 rocks on Mars have so far landed on Earth.
  • The bat is the only flying flying.
  • Cats communicate using at least 16 “cat’s words”.
  • The ears of African elephants have the shape of the African continent.
  • The kangaroos do not jump back.
  • Hippopotamuses can be dangerous than lions.
  • Kitchen beetles can survive under water and 15 minutes.
  • A caterpillar has more muscle than a man.
  • Greaves detects sounds through “knees”.
  • Some ants explode when attacked.
  • The heart of a blue whale weighs around 900 pounds.
  • A clam can also reach the age of 100 years.
  • A dolphin can learn to recognize itself in the mirror.
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