That’s how cardinally braces change the smile and life (21 photos)

Someone was lucky and a beautiful smile came from nature, and someone’s teeth stick out in different directions, like the boards of the old fence … Fortunately, modern dentistry can fix everything, align crooked teeth, change bite, and at the same time regain self-confidence.

In this issue, you will find collages that demonstrate the changes before and after wearing braces. All these people were not in vain tormented by orthodontists, they spent time and money: that’s how braces change their smile!

“I was raised by a single mother, so we did not have any money for braces. When I got a job on my first job with medical insurance, I first leveled my teeth. The dream of life has come true! ”

An updated smile.

“Today they took off my braces!”

Three years of effort, countless trips to the dentist and shed tears …

“Mother could not put braces on me, I had to go to work and save myself. The best decision in my life! ”

Do not underestimate the power of braces!

Amazing transformation.

“Yesterday they took off my braces. Feel the difference!”

“I’ve been wearing braces for two years – and here’s the result!”

The difference is impressive.

“8 years, 10 torn teeth, surgeon’s work, two kinds of braces. And finally I like my smile! ”

Before and after: between these two photos – 2 years and 10 months.

Boasting a new smile.

“I twice wore braces for 25 months, I was ripped out 12 teeth, then removed the wisdom teeth …”

“My orthodontist has earned recognition!”

It was worth it.

“Thank you, GOd! Thank you, braces! ”

Cristiano Ronaldo before and after the braces.

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