The 10 most dangerous beaches in the world, on which you cannot relax

Who does not like to relax on the beach? Sun, sand, radiation… Wait, what? Yes, unfortunately, some beaches are
not so idyllic. Some of them are just dangerous!
You can become a victim of sharks or jellyfish, you can be kidnapped!
If you want to relax without fear, you should avoid these beaches.

Hanakapiai, Hawaii

Not all dangerous and terrible beaches immediately tell you about the threat, but this place does not concern.
There is a sign that indicates how many people have already died. The problem is in strong undercurrents.
The coast is not separated from the open ocean by a strip of reefs, so the streams take away even the most experienced swimmers.
In addition, there is no one to turn to for help, trained rescuers on the shore do not wait.
According to information from the guidebook, the frightening number of victims is explained by the fact that foreigners do not understand the danger of flows.
The local people here do not bathe. However, it seems that the sign warns of the danger clearly enough. You can enjoy the beauty of nature on Khanakapiai,
But do not go in waves at all. Even if you are sure that you can swim like a real athlete, in these waves you are in mortal danger.

Gansbay, South Africa

Another beautiful corner with kilometers of snow-white sand and picturesque mountains. It may seem that the rest here should be magnificent,
but the region has already been chosen by sharks! If you are afraid for your life, you should think before you go there to rest.
Sharks are pursuing boats under water and are quite capable of attacking a person. Swim in such waters should be extremely accurate,
but it is better not to do it at all. Of course, the daredevils are always there, but this can result in your death. Are you ready to spend this holiday?
Most likely not.

Mindanao Islands, Philippines

What happens if you decide to give up hackneyed routes? It is enough to book a trip to the remote island of the Philippines –
and you will be able to learn this from your own experience. Mindanao is located far from tourist destinations.
Do you think it will be possible to find unique corners of nature there? Well, maybe so, but together with them you will meet with Islamic factions,
who have been martial law since 2000. Forty-five percent of the island’s residents complain that their homes were destroyed, and sixteen witnessed murders.
The chances for survival of tourists are determined by whether hostages are required by terrorists or not.
In addition, there are pirates who are also interested in kidnapping people. It is difficult to remember in such a situation about the beauty of the beach.
It’s no wonder that it’s impossible to notice holidaymakers here, it would be just life-threatening.

Darwin, Australia

Here you can not single out one of the most dangerous beaches: swimming in the waters near this city is dangerous everywhere.
Here there are numerous jellyfish, crocodiles and sharks! Jellyfish become a problem from October to May,
but crocodiles living in salt water are present here all year round. According to some sources, four appear in the harbor within a week.
If you are still not afraid, think about the fact that in 2011, the increased content of bacteria in the water in Darwin.
In Australia, there are beautiful clean beaches, so you better avoid the danger of becoming a victim of jellyfish and
go to another region where you can relax and not worry about meeting with the fauna.

Kilauea, Hawaii
One of the main criteria for a beach holiday is the weather. Trying to lie on the beach in the cold is quite unpleasant.
In a sense, the beach, located at an active volcano, wins such a rest. But there is a minus – a serious risk of death! If you are not too afraid,
you can still visit this Hawaiian beach. The volcano has been erupted without a break since January 1983,
so the likelihood that you will end up on a calm day tends to zero, but this is a very beautiful natural phenomenon if viewed from a safe distance.
Nevertheless, if the eruptions do not interest you very much, you can not rest: you can not relax on such a beach.

Chowpatty, Mumbai

Travel agents have to try very hard to attract someone to this beach. In the afternoon it becomes a place of rest for the unemployed, sleeping in the shade of trees.
It’s unlikely you want to relax in a circle of homeless people! In addition, the picture is supplemented by the cries of children riding on attractions,
and the voices of astrologers trying to earn extra money on predictions. Finally, it is worth noting that this beach is considered one of the dirtiest on the planet.
There are so many fecal bacteria in the water that immersion in it can cause a number of diseases. In 2011, oil spilled here as well.
In short, this beach will not allow you to make good photos of the vacation. In India, there are places for a wonderful holiday,
but this famous beach near Mumbai is definitely not among them.

Shield Cove, Russia

According to some reports, this is a great place for surfing, but only for recreation you will need to get permission first,
because there are many military bases here. However, this is not the most interesting. This region is the place where nuclear submarines are buried.
Radiation has already led to problems, but the high level of secrecy does not allow to understand in detail. You can judge only by rumors.
Either way, the danger of radioactive waste is very high – surfing here can be harmful to health.
No matter how picturesque this place was, there’s nothing to do for an ordinary tourist.

Heard Island, Antarctica

If it were easy to carry the cold, then there would be an ideal place for surfing. The island is a huge volcano and belongs to Australia,
but is located very far from its shores. The island is always covered with ice, the waters here are extremely cold. In addition,
there is no way to get help quickly. This is an incredibly beautiful corner of the planet, but there is too much opportunity to die from the cold,
so ordinary tourists can not get here, only scientists from all over the world live here.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

This is another beach, famous for an incredible number of sharks. For example, in 2007 in the world there were 112 attacks of sharks on people and 17 of them
happened here. The following year, it was already 24. This place is just teeming with sharks! It’s no wonder that this beach is so famous,
only this fame is hardly pleasant. Despite all this, he is included in the list of the best beaches in Florida. You can just come and relax on the sand!

North Sentinel Island, Andaman Islands

Technically, this island belongs to India, but, in fact, it is independent, since its inhabitants have never recognized any authorities.
They are extremely unfriendly, so rest here can be a problem. The Indian government tried to establish relations with the Sentinelists,
offering them peaceful communication and gifts. Nevertheless, they were met with fiery arrows. Over time, the government abandoned attempts to establish contact.
Sentineltsy – almost unexplored people, it is not even known how they call themselves. According to rough estimates,
they are from twenty-five to five hundred, although the figures may be inaccurate. The people seem primitive, but no one was in their dwellings,
so there might very well be supercomputers and the Internet. It is only known that they are extremely aggressive.
In 2006, two fishermen were on the island by mistake and local residents killed them.
The helicopter tried to take away the bodies, but the attempt was unsuccessful.
In a word, the beach may seem beautiful, but you should not go there.

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