The couple left their 6-month-old child to friends, but did not even imagine what would come of it

When Andre and Natie asked their friends, and part-time designers, Eric and Hans to sit with their 6-month-old child, they were too concerned about how their companions cope with the baby. That’s why the parents left a whole list of what and how the children should do. Agreeing to provide such a service, the designers, already nervously nervous, presented what dangerous situations might occur during their “watch”. From these fantasies these strange, but very funny photos were born!

A pair of designers, being with a child of friends, presented the most ridiculous situations that could occur while they are sitting in a nanny

Embodying these fantasies with photoshop, Erica and Hans sent hourly photos of parents to the parents with the most unusual scenarios of what is happening

“It was the first time that we took care of a child of friends all day and night,” says Hans

“That’s why we, just like the parents of the baby, were very excited”

Because of all the experiences of adults, this humorous project was born

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