The girl defeated baldness and now helps everyone to fight with hair loss! (7 pictures)

Model Anastasia Sidorova from Moscow constantly catches the enthusiastic views of passers-by. By the time the girl simply can not pass, not paying attention to her luxurious hair. Their length is 106 centimeters!

Usually Anastasia wears her hair loose and only occasionally braids them into a luxurious braid. Now, looking at Anastasia, it’s hard to believe that three years ago she was faced with the problem of hair loss.

“Against the background of a strong inflammatory process, my hair began to drop out. It was just awful! The whole house was in my hair, because they climbed huge clumps. Hair growth completely stopped, later also seborrhea manifested itself. I was in despair! ” , – shared Nastya.

But the girl did not give up. She began to study the topic of health of hair and skin. Thanks to this, she managed to overcome the problem! Nastia has fully recovered and is now actively helping other people who are facing the same situation.

“I wash my head three times a week, not more often. I try not to use a phenome. The natural way of drying the hair long enough – about 3 hours, but it’s worth it, ” – shared the model.

Now Nastya shares her hair care secrets in her Instagram. She notes that autumn is not the most favorable time, so it’s worthwhile to take up the health of the hair right now.

Here are some useful tips from Anastasia

Vitamins are extremely important. They do not stop hair loss, but contribute to their growth. Include in your diet products containing vitamins B, A and C.
Pay attention to the extracts. Especially useful tinctures of dwarf palm and green tea – they strengthen the hair.
In the autumn-winter period, hair dries up drastically. For their moisturizing, use special sprays and nourishing masks.
Wash hair not according to schedule, but as they become soiled. Consider that when wearing a headdress, they get dirty much faster.


The story of Anastasia is the best proof that the health of hair is completely dependent on care. Her advice is really worth listening to!

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