The Greatest Pictures That Have Been Made Without Photoshop!

ature and man make together the best artist. When they unite their forces, they create true works of art that become sensational paintings in front of the camera.

We invite you to see  the hottest pictures below, so you can take a cup of coffee or tea and admire the pictures in our article for a few minutes.

That’s what happens if you through the water into the air in Antarctica


A tennis ball that looks like a planet

© Abhijeet Kumar

Windmills  in the Netherlands


A temple covered by ash of a volcano, Japan


Two different worlds, New York, USA


Super moon


Catching a cloud

© trinidad

A “big” blue in Japan

© Hiroki Kondu  / National Geographic

Iceland volcano eruption

© Sigurdur Hrafn Stefnisson /

A tractor on almond fields, California

© Robert Holmes

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