The largest ship in history came to the water (11 photos)

Not so long ago, the largest ship in the history of mankind – “Harmony of the Seas”, belonging to the cruise company Royal Caribbean International – descended on the shipyard of Saint-Nazar (France). Construction of the vessel lasted two and a half years. A couple of days later, “Harmony of the Seas” arrived in Southampton, England, from there to go on its first flight to Rotterdam.

“Harmony …”, like other vessels of the company (they all have the prefix “… seas” in the name), will go under the Bahamian flag and have a home port of Nassau. The vessel will be based in Barcelona.

At times more “Titanic”

Dimensions of “Harmony …” are striking: 362 meters in length (longer than the Eiffel Tower), 18 decks, displacement – for 200 thousand tons! Being longer than the infamous “Titanic” for a hundred meters, it exceeds its volume by almost five times.

City on the sea

The vessel is capable of accommodating up to 9,000 passengers and crew members, a real floating city! There is even a heliport.

More than any vessel that ever visited the sea

The dimensions of the ocean monster are striking even when compared to the previous generation of marine record-holders – vessels of the Quantum class of the same company.

Preparing for a great swim

A couple of days after leaving the shipyard in San Nazaire, the ship reached Southampton. After some commissioning work, the ship was put into regular mode.


Taking into account more than a hundred-year experience of sea cruises, and especially – the sad fate of the vessel “Costa Concordia” in 2012, the liner is brought to a state of maximum preparedness for accidents. Carefully selected crew, regularly conducted exercises, the number of places in the rescue equipment exceeds the number of people on board.


The first crew of the vessel will be 2,100 people from 77 different countries.


“Harmony of the Seas” will accommodate up to 6,780 passengers. Despite respectability, the ship is designed for passengers of different incomes, the company-owner offers very democratic prices for cruises, there are a number of promotional offers. More than 60% of the guests of the ships get to the Royal Caribbean International ships not for the first time.

Fun for every taste

Like other cruise ships, “Harmony of the Seas” has on its board all possible types of entertainment for tourists. The ship will have five-star restaurants, a casino, a theater, an ice rink and the like. The chapel with the Catholic priest will work.

Floating park

But this was not enough: on the ship there is a real park the size of a football field! In addition to 52 trees and 48 bushes of grapes there will be more than 10 thousand plants in it.


The cost of building a ship exceeded one billion dollars, but, as the experience of the cruise business, this investment will pay off, and in a few years the cruise liner will begin to generate revenue.

Good luck!

After a trial four-day cruise, the ship will be relocated to the Western Mediterranean and will fly to the resorts of Spain, Italy and France along various routes. Let’s wish “Harmony of the seas” of fair wind!


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