The lucky people in funny pictures

When you get lucky over you.

It is said that luck you sometimes do with your hand. Just sometimes. For in most situations, luck buzzes in your life exactly when you expect less. We’re sure everything happened to you.

The set of images you will see in a few moments is exactly about these rare but extradodal situations in which life suddenly becomes more beautiful due to luck. There are small things, but totally and very special just by their simplicity.

What a lucky guy!

© aziwal8888 / imgur

There are some pizzas that understand something completely different with the word “big”

© unknown / imgur

That’s what it is about!

© Tobizzle / twitter

You buy one, you get half free

At the limit of!

You do not often find so many hazelnuts in a single chocolate tablet

© 44lon5 / pikabu

Ah, it was just what …

© Pomadka / pikabu

Who’s gonna count?

© iusepaint / imgur

Good luck to the second power

© scontent-arn2-1

From the parallel universe of candy

© babysaidmaybe / imgur

It happens…

© babysaidmaybe / imgur

Surprise the day

© SethJerome / imgur

Surprise the day

© babysaidmaybe / imgur

It’s a lucky day!

© unknown / imgur

Sometimes life gives you more than you ask

© SomtingSnarky / imgur


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