The most effective way to forget about the former boyfriend, according to science

It is not easy to get over a failed relationship, and each person has their own way of coping with separation.

According to a recent study, some postpartum behaviors are more effective than others in order to overcome suffering and move on.


The research, published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, compared three cognitive strategies to overcome feelings for a former partner and found that you have a greater chance of forgetting the former if you will remind yourself of its defects.


Twenty-four subjects aged between 20 and 37 participated in the study, all of them passing through a break away that they were unable to overcome. They were given pictures of their ex-lovers and were asked to follow one of four strategies.


A group was asked to think negatively about the former partner and to analyze their flaws and unpleasant behaviors. Another group followed a technique of accepting love for the former partner, and the third group followed a distraction therapy, asking them to think about positive things that did not involve the former boyfriend. The fourth group was a control group, and no strategy was presented to it.


In the end, those who focused on the feelings of love for the former and those who were distracted have reported the same level of feelings for the former partner.

But those who focused on the former partner’s defects reported a decrease in feelings of love.

” These results suggest that in the context of love separation, the negative perception of the former partner is an effective way to reduce feelings for it ,” the researchers noted, according to


But this strategy also has a cost – those who have managed to lower the level of feelings for the former partner by reminding him of his negative traits have finally had a worse mood than before the experiment began.


Researchers are of the opinion, however, that the technique has major benefits for those who go through a separation, despite the poor momentum it provokes.


Symptoms of painful separation are as real as possible and can affect health. These include insomnia, weakened immune system, broken heart syndrome, or even depression.

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