The most funny pictures in Photoshop

A pictorial that will bring your smile on your lips.

When we hear of Photoshop, we think of perfection, adjusting images in such a way that everything is exactly the way we think, even if we sometimes get away with reality. That’s on a professional level, of course, but Photoshop can be used as well and purely fun to create some sort of fun or weird stuff. There are a few Reddit social network users who have the habit of struggling to make the most hilarious images processed in Photoshop. Getting out of their hands is just fun.

Let’s take a look at some examples.

poppedamully / MrBushido2318


v3rmillion89 / lains-experimen
v3rmillion89 / lains-experimen
sleepingrozy / wiskrbiskt
lieutenant_cthulhu / DaminDrexil
baconatorX / Jouzzi
GallowBoob / Captain_McFiesty
lowlifecreep / thwartted
deitery / XxKittenMittonsXx



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