The most unusual professions in the world

As a child, every person dreamed of getting a job in the future that would be so wonderful that you would not seem to work at all – just enjoy what you are doing. And then you got a diploma at the university, and life instantly destroyed all your childhood illusions. Well, do not worry about it too much.

Each work has its own shortcomings. As they say, if people loved their work the way they would like to love it, they would not have to pay for it. Anyway, in the world there is a large number of terrible professions, and people are assigned to such positions, and then do what is required of them.

Remember the job offers that you studied and thought: “Who does this at all?”. So, somebody is still doing this. It remains only to hope that these people also receive a decent salary. But, frankly, everyone knows that they do not even have half of what they deserve. And they come home after work, getting the same salary as you, but their work is ten times worse than yours.

It’s time to look at the ten strangest professions. They will probably make you think about your work a little better.

Estimator of odor from the mouth

Are you a team player and obsessed with personal hygiene, and also have a practical approach to problem solving? Join the ranks of the company that offers you work with a flexible schedule and a minimum wage, as well as a bonus in the form of universal pity. You will have to smell a strange, ugly and unpleasant odor from your mouth, until the candies, refreshing breath, begin to cope with their task. Are they coping with it? It’s unknown, and that’s why you need it at this job!

The duck trainer

Although this profession may sound quite intriguing, in fact you will just have to take care of the ducks at the hotel. Also you will need to spend them on the territory for fun to the guests.

Painter painting ashen portraits

Yes, such a profession exists. A company in Virginia does employ people who will paint portraits of deceased people with their own ashes. It is to be hoped that these artists will not confuse anything: it would be unpleasant to learn that it was not he, but some celebrity who was drawn by the man’s ashes. Although, on the other hand, it would be interesting.

Professional mourner

In Africa and Asia, you can hire people who will cry at a funeral. This is the ideal way out in case the deceased person was not the most pleasant person, but you do not want to admit it and advertise it.

Iceberg transporter

In the category of professions that could save the Titanic, those people who are paid money to move the icebergs win. In addition, they get the right to say with full seriousness when meeting a girl: “For you, I can move mountains.” But apart from this, this work has no special merits.

Professional ear cleaning

Thank you, India, for such an incredible profession. Apparently, it is these jobs that have to be invented so that the economy of a state with a population of more than one billion people would stay afloat.

Ostrich nanny

In South Africa, there are real ostrich nannies. As in the case of young children, people are hired who will spend time with the child. Only in this case we are talking about ostriches. Why not?

Chick Floor Detector

This profession exists to determine if a small chicken is a male or female.

Caretaker of the drying paint

You know the saying “it was so boring that it seemed to me that I was looking at how the paint was drying”? It turns out that such a profession exists! The essence of the work is to monitor the drying of the paint: it must occur evenly and the paint should not lose its properties. And, of course, the essence of the work is also to bring the employee crazy in three hours.


As one can understand by name, the strangest work in the world refers to Japan. Hosea is a person who is paid to push people into the train. This is the essence of the work. Do you see that fat sweaty man who can not fully fit into the train car so that the door closes behind him? Push it! Push it with all your might!

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