The Most Weird Pictures Of The World’s Most Amazing Museum

The World’s Most Amazing Museum Is Located In Iran. This Museum Was Founded By Iranian Professor Nasser Hausmann Bhaziri. In 2005, This Museum Was Built In Tehran, Iran, About 1000 Sq Km.

It Is The First Private Man And Museum Built In The Cave. Professor Nasser Bhaziri Has Built This Magnificent Art Exhibition Museum In His Long 6 Year Efforts. The Construction Process Of This Museum Is Still Going On.

Professor Nasser Bhaziri Is A Renowned Sculptor Of Iran And A Remarkable Art Director. The Best Sculptures He Has Made In This Museum Are Kept For The Exhibition. These Unique Artifacts Presented The Story Of Ferdousi Shahnam, The Traditional Tradition And Heroism Of Iran.

This Museum Is Different From Other Museums.Visitors Can Roam Freely And Take Pictures As You Like. Our Today’s Arrangement Of This Unique Museum Has Some Unique Art Illustrations.




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