The pearl of the desert: the 7 most beautiful oases of the world

Oasis, appearing before the eyes of a tired traveler, looks like a mirage. After the exhausting heat and endless sands, these picturesque corners of nature, filled with the sounds of murmuring water, the rustle of palm leaves and the singing of birds, seem simply a miracle. Oasis exists in almost any desert, and each of them is unique. Today we will tell about the most beautiful of them.

Wakachina, Desert Sechura, Peru

The Oaxis of Uakachin is confined to a small fresh lake, around which about 100 people live. The nearest settlement, the city of Ika, is 8 kilometers from the oasis. Around the oasis are the real sand dunes, which attract sandboarders from all over the world. Increased in recent years, the flow of tourists has led to a decrease in the water level in the reservoir. For its safety, water for supplying tourist objects began to be imported from neighboring settlements.

Dunhuang, Gobi Desert, China

This oasis is located on the shore of Lake Yueyiquan, which means “young month”. Named for its shape, reminiscent of a crescent moon, this fresh lake is under special protection. The intake of water is strictly regulated to prevent the drying out of the reservoir. The nearest town is the city of Dunhuang – located 5 kilometers from the oasis.

Ubari, Libya

Oasis Ubari, or Aubari, is located in the southwestern part of Libya, the area of ​​traditional Tuareg living. The oasis consists of several picturesque salt lakes. Despite the fact that the water in them is salty, they nourish the plants and bring animation to this corner of the Aubari Desert.

Shebika (Chebika), Tunisia

This oasis is located in the middle of a stony desert in Tunisia, near the border with Algeria. People lived here in ancient times, and this region has an interesting history. The turquoise lake, the pleasantly murmuring waterfall and picturesque date palms make it one of the most popular tourist sites in the region.

Ein Gedi, Israel

Near the coast of the Dead Sea is the pearl of the Ein Gedi Desert – an oasis of the same name. Fresh sources have breathed life into this desolate region, which has a rich historical past. This oasis is also very popular with tourists.

Wadi Shaab, Oman

This oasis is one of the most visited attractions of the country and, of course, one of the most beautiful in the world. A corner with an emerald pond, an abundance of vegetation and even birds looks like a miracle given by heaven.

Lencois Maranjens, Brazil

Brazil is more associated with the tropical jungle than with the sands and oases. But nevertheless, it is in this country, in the Lencois Maranenses National Park, near the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, that one of the most beautiful places of the planet is located. This is not quite an oasis in its classical sense, but due to its unusual appearance, these lakes have earned a place on our list. The oasis has an absolutely unique appearance due to the fact that it has no vegetation. It consists of a group of freshwater lakes, located in the midst of sand dunes, which are filled during the rainy season.

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