The photographer made a series of macro-images about the life of ants, which turned out to be much more interesting than it seems at first glance

What modern photographers will not come up with, but what this person does is really unique.
We present to you Andrei Pavlov , known under the name of Antrey, and his “Ant stories” – a series
of macrophotographs, where the models were ants. Yes, yes, ants, we are not joking. What is special about them?
And the fact that in these photos they behave like conscious beings, and it is simply impossible to believe that this is
not a three-dimensional graphic, but real shots with live models. Of course, staged, but real!

The photographer says that he was introduced to ants by ants. Because of problems with the spine, he was forced to lie.
Then he began to watch these insects, take pictures, study their lives. This fascination gave Andrey strength, he coped with the disease,
and “Ant stories” became famous. These are really amazing pictures!

1. Good morning!

2. Starter complex Chanterelle

3. Give up, handsome!

4. The End of the Tomb Raider

5. Fly!

6. Harness, boys, horses!

7. Pa-a-shore-and-cb!

8. Etude

9. Are those with pearls?

10. Grybnadzor

11. Time, forward!

12. The Yard Command

13. Massacre

14. Tili-tili-dough

15. Hurray, shot down the helicopter

16. Compote for the third

17. Stretches

18. Extortionists

19. Insidious umbrellas

20. Neighbors

21. There is no kikimor on the Rotten Swamp

22. Mother

23. Bouquets and sweets

24. Unscrewed

25. Kalinka, Malinka, my little boy

26. The bench

27. Sculptors

28. Fishing

29. Backstage

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