The professor told the student that she had too short shorts – and the girl undressed to the underwear

Do not tell me what to do, and I will not tell you where to go.

It is this principle guided by the modern youth, which itself decides what to wear, where to go and what to do.

For any comment or worse, the criticism may be followed by a rather harsh reaction …

18-year-old Letitia Chai lives in New York and studies at Cornell University.

Judging by what she wrote on the web, the girl prepared a presentation about the refugees, but the 44-year-old professor interrupted her narration, commenting on the clothes she had chosen.

In Facebook there was an online broadcast of the presentation, so dozens of people saw how the girl in response to “your shorts is too short” takes off all the clothes and remains in only her underwear.


The professor asked the girl if she really likes this kind of clothes.

Student such comments seemed superfluous, and she, without going into explanations, just undressed before everyone’s eyes.

According to the teacher, dressing like this, I’m sending a message to the opposite sex.” I said that I will not change my style just because someone out there will be more comfortable with it

Professor Rebekah Maggor herself said later that all this was nonsense. She assured that she had no habit of interfering with the personal preferences of the students.
Students also divided into two parts: the first group on the side of the girl, the second – believes that the words of the teacher were simply not so understood.

The second group believes that the professor meant appearance during the presentation, because in such cases he speaks about professionalism and the representation of the norm and etiquette.

However, the first group does not think so, and therefore 28 students out of 44 also preferred to undress as a protest and to support their “colleague”.

And which side are you on? 😎



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