The secret of the 71-year-old actress that looks better than ever

At age 71, US actress Susan Lucci, known for her role in the famous 70s series, Destiny Secrets (‘All my children’), looks and feels better than ever. For over 20 years, Susan has been practicing pilates regularly. No matter how heavy the program is, the actress finds 30 minutes each day to do their exercises. “Every morning I drink my coffee and then I get the pilates to be able to wake me up completely,” Susan said in an interview, according to .

“In the beginning it was difficult.” I thought I would not be able to find any more time for anything in the crowded life I was going through, among the various running, child raising and actress career, but in about 25 minutes I could do a full workout and then, no matter what’s going to happen, I know I did a good thing for myself, “Susan said.

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Besides the pilates exercises, Susan does not let her happen to be the way she feeds. The actress says she does not have a strict diet and that the healthy way she nourishes is naturally integrated into her daily routine, it’s a way of life.


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