The story of Prince Brosco


Once, there was a king who had a very beautiful daughter. They lived in a castle near the forest. On her birthday, the princess received a gold ball.
Since then, every time she got bored, the princess went into the woods and played with the golden ball that had become her favorite toy. Only one day, inadvertently,
The princess escaped the ball into deepest lake in the middle of the forest.
The girl began to cry, but suddenly she heard a voice say, “Why do you cry, princess?” When he looked down, he saw a big and ugly frog in the water.
“I slipped the golden ball into the water,” she said.
“Do not cry anymore,” says the frog. “If you promise to be friends and let me eat your plate and sleep in your pool, I help you find your ball.”
“Yes, I promise!” Said the princess as he wondered how naive the frog might be so that he would ever leave the lake.
The frog brought the ball and immediately the princess, in the climax of happiness, ran to the house.
“Wait, you cannot leave without me!”, The frog heard. But the princess did not listen because she did not want to be friendly with a nasty frog.
Towards the evening, when the princess took dinner, he heard a knock on the door. “Open the door and let me in!” A voice was heard. The princess opened the door and
Was amazed to see again the ugly brocade.
When the king asked who was at the door, the princess immediately told him of the promise she had made earlier. Then the king tells his daughter: “What you promised,
You have to do. Go and ask the frog in the house. ”
The princess let the frog go in and immediately she began to indulge in the goodies she had on her plate. Sister, the brochure said he was sleeping and wants to go to
Bed. The princess then began to cry because she did not imagine she could sleep in bed with such an appearance, but the king continued to insist reminding her
Daughter that she always had to keep her promises.
“Now you have to kiss me for a good night!” Said the ugly brochure.
“Terrible,” the princess said, but he remembered his golden ball and the promise he had to keep. So he closed his eyes and kissed the frog.
Then the ugly brochure turned into a beautiful prince. He told the princess that he had been transformed into a brothel by a witch, and that only she could save him.

The two became good friends and lived happily ever after.

Morale: You always have to keep your promises!

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