The tear-tearing story of the owner’s rescue by the dog, at the cost of his own life

Dogs are real friends of a man who will never leave us even at the most difficult moment, and they will not trade us even for the most appetizing bone. If you want to know what sincere love and friendship are, then get yourself a dog and you will not regret it. This heartbreaking story happened to an old 16-year-old dog named Mason, who saved the life of his loving hostess at the cost of his own life. Pulling through to the depths of my soul, read more ..

Meet this is Steve Mason, or just Mason and he’s the most incredible dog that I’ve met in my life and he’s been my best friend for 16 years. This story is about how he died saving my life for the last time.

Mason was a mixture of different breeds: husky, Labrador and rottweiler. He had funny insanely fluffy ears. I chose him, because of all the puppy and yapping puppies he was the only one who stopped to smell the flowers.

He always liked to go camping with me and encouraged me in them not to surrender and conquer the mountain range.

He was just obsessed with destroying sticks, he loved to gnaw them and every cardboard he could find.

Also Mason was the best friend and companion for my older brother. After many years, when he saw my brother, he still asked for him in his arms, as if he was a small puppy.

Everyone who knew him said that he was just a wonderful dog that was better than many people they met.

Over the past two years, he is much older. Most of his ears and eyes left him, along with a sense of balance.

I was always ready for the fact that he would die in a dream or die during an accident in a hike.

But most of all I was afraid that he would grow old until he was so old and weak that we would have to put him to sleep. Honestly, I do not think I could ever go for it. He was too special. It was all the same Mason, he just got old.

He continued to go camping with me, refusing to calm down. He walked more slowly and for a much shorter distance, but he never refused a hike

This winter I was hoping to arrange as much adventure as possible with him, as I understood that his time was coming to an end.

On March 5, we together with him and three other neighbor’s young dogs decided to go on a short trip before I go to work

About a mile from the house, as we walked along our snowy path, I noticed in the distance a figure following us. I immediately realized that it was a wolf. I have not seen wolves in our valley for 15 years, usually wolves are very secretive and hide from people, especially when there are 4 dogs with them. Not wanting to risk, I turned to the house, thinking that we would let the wolf go, so as not to worry about him anymore.

A few minutes later the young dogs raised barking, I turned, and saw a wolf 1.5 meters behind me. He was huge, the height of his withers reached my hip. He looked frightened and unsure, but most of all he was hungry. We were in trouble. He attacked us and for the next 20 minutes we fought back from him as best we could. I beat him with ski poles, while dogs bitten him, trying to avoid the bites of his teeth. He was weak, but he was a good fighter.

We fought with Mason side by side. The wolf continued to look me in the eyes, but it was already clear that the victory was for us. And when the wolf also understood this, he grabbed the smallest dog and attacked her. And at that very moment my fragile old man threw himself at the wolf, he looked very big and formidable, so fierce I never saw him. He fought off the puppy, but the wolf managed to tear Mason’s throat. Everything happened in a split second. I’ve never screamed so loud in my life. Every cell in my body screamed for me to kill a wolf, squeeze out his eyes, tear out his throat, if only I could. But if I tried to do this, the wolf would have killed me, and I also had three other dogs, which I had to take away from there. It was already too late to do anything. Mason was dead and the wolf began to eat it.

That same wolf. This photo was taken the next morning by guards from the neighboring border station, near which he was spotted. All I wanted to do at that time was kill him, despite the fact that he was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. And now, when it’s over, I do not hold evil against him. He was very hungry and himself was on the verge of death, he had to go for it as he was forced. I think he attacked with the thought that he was likely to be killed, not hoping that he would be lucky. I hope that he will leave the valley unscathed.

I really miss Mason, after his death, I had a void inside. Although I know that I could not help him, but I do not leave the thought that after all, I could not save him. Most dogs of his age die before the fireplace in old age and infirmity. Mason left this world like thunder, saving life for me and 3 small dogs. He was my puppy, my grizzly, my brother, my friend and he died as he lived.

My hero. I love you buddy. Goodbye.

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