The tree that makes tomatoes grows in Romania. Produces tens of thousands of tomatoes and can live up to 7 years!

Do you think it’s a trick?
No, it is not! Rosia-pom really exists, it is not created in the laboratory by genetic engineering as we would be tempted to believe and cultivate even in Romania. Rosia-pom or “Octopus Tomato Trees” is a hybrid whose stem reaches up to 3-4 meters, lives up to 7 years depending on the climate, and in the huge crown can produce impressive amounts of tomatoes.

Specialists say tomato-pom has been obtained from a hybridization process, and is not a genetically modified organism.

The largest red tom tree that entered the Book of Records had a 50-square-foot crown that produced not less than 32,000 tomatoes.

Romanian Red Roses
In Romania, red-pom has been grown successfully in Neamt County, Baltatesti by Valentin Cucu, a well-known vegetable grower and harvester of plant seeds less known to the general public.

He spoke to Agrointelligence that he was looking for red-tree seeds after seeing a photo that left him with a shrill mouth. So he found out that the origin is an Italian variety, which was obtained in 1937 by a family of gardeners. The novel would find seeds not in Italy, as expected, but in Canada, a country with a climate quite similar to that of Romania.

In Romania, the plants grown by Valentin Cucu reached a height of over 2 meters, and from 4 yarns in the first year, 36 kilograms of tomatoes were harvested, while three floors of flowers aborted in the summer months.


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